"We always assume the best about you!"

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You have the lock; we have the key.
You hold the lock; WE hold The Key. You have the lock; we have the key.


This site is our introduction to you, Seeker. You are not here by accident, but because you are a part of the Great Design and part of the Grand Plan. You are reading these words because it is your destiny to do so.

We welcome you to the wonderful world that is the Church of Enlightened Assumption. We know that as you explore our Church, get to know us, and understand the benefits we offer, you'll realize how much there is for you within our spiritual bosom. We know your membership will enhance us, and we know our teachings will bring you happiness.

Please explore the links on the right hand side of this screen to learn more about us and what we can do for you.

Enter, good friend.  We are ready to take you in.

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